The Chicken’s Bumblefoot

David, a listener from KQED, writes…


“Last Sunday (3/21) my wife and I were doing minor surgery on one of our chickens to treat what our internet research had determined was “bumblefoot”, which is a localized deep tissue infection on a chicken’s foot due to a retained foreign body, dirt impaction, etc. We had never heard of the condition until our research. I am a physician and was designated the operator in this process. While dealing with this we were listening to “Says You’ and to our utter amazement one of the undefined words was “bumblefoot”. The crew did not define it correctly. To have that word appear on your show at the precise moment we were dealing with it is beyond uncanny. It is a veritable mystery, like running into a friend while hiking in the Himalayas or something like that. For once we actually knew the definition of an obscure term!!”



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