From California, with Love

Bill, who listens to us on WYSU, writes…

“My wife and I watched the Kisses & Quips taping last night, and Dave asked for feedback. So, here is mine. We loved it and had such a great time! We’ve seen you live two times (Thousand Oaks, CA, and Seattle, WA) and look forward to seeing you live again. Until then, we enjoyed last night’s format. I hooked up my computer to our TV. We enjoyed seeing Dave and the panelists, the onstage banter, and the music. By the way, the pre-show music was great – I wish I had recorded it. We will gladly buy tickets to future remote shows. And have the current Ben Sher do his Pipit and Finch credit after a taping.

Unfortunately, our local public radio station no longer carries Says You. I record the broadcast off of WYSU’s internet stream and listen to it on one of my neighborhood exercise walks. It puts me into a great mood!”

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