Don’t Ask him for Directions!

Bryan, a who hears us on KALW, writes,


“Please clear up something that has long since puzzled me. Richard Sher used to introduce the teams as ‘the first of which sits stereo left’ followed by ‘to my right,’ which would place him facing away from the stereo listener. (At some point, perhaps with later hosts, this seems to have been changed to the less-mysterious ‘to the right.’) Had I attended a taping, would the stereo-left team have appeared on the left of Mr. Sher to the audience (that is, to his right)?”

Well Bryan, we were hoping we had put all discussions of far left and right to bed with the election!  Seriously, Richard Sher had an uncanny sense of navigation anywhere in the world but never mastered the basics of left and right!  Had you been to a live show, you would see that Richard’s lectern was not positioned in the middle of two teams.  Rather, we typically arrange the cast in the middle of the stage and the host off to stage right and the band off to stage left.  Hence, Barry’s team is both stereo right and also seated to Richard’s right.

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