Verse Comes Two-Verse

Jordan, who listens on KUHF, writes…

“I listened to the repeat that was released this morning and it just occurred to me – were the songs featured in Round Five of SY-2207 all first performed by one artist and made more famous by other artists? E.g. “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” was first performed by The Miracles and Marvin Gaye made it more famous, and “Respect” was first performed by Otis Redding but became more famous with Aretha Franklin’s rendition?”

Clever guess!  It’s not entirely correct and not exactly the answer we were looking for, but thanks for taking the time to craft and send a response.  We were looking for: “All the lyrics come from the second verse of the song” (hence, the title of the round: Verse Comes Two-Verse.)

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