A Can of Gean

Asher from Jupiter, FL writes –


“I am a 13-year-old listener that has been wanting to provide some words for consideration for a while now–I just now have had time to! These are all words I have collected over the past few years, and my sharing is spurred by my mother accidentally saying “a can of beans” as “a can of gean.” My sister, mother and I all burst into laughter, and I decided to look it up.”

Some of Asher’s other suggestions were –









And his personal favorite,


We enjoyed your letter and your suggested submissions.  We concur with your personal favorite and know this would send the cast and audience into belly hugging laughter.  It has been nearly five years since we came to WLRN and perhaps it is time to visit again.

Thanks Asher! Hope to be in your neck of the woods soon and perhaps some of your favorites will appear in bluffing rounds. Keep listening. 

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