Old Puzzle

Jackson from Knoxville, TN writes –

“I submitted a puzzle years ago. I might have titled it a “silly little game.” I might also have used the title “one word.” It went like this: I would list two words. The two words would have one synonym in common.

For example:
Delicate, Penalty? Fine
Train, Goal? Aim
Plank, Meals? Board

I submitted several of them. A friend told me that you used it on the show and mentioned my name. I would love to pay to download that show. It was probably between 2007 and 2010.”

Thanks for the submission – certainly a nice round to our brand of a “silly little game” about words.  We will dip into the data files and let you know the episode to seek out from our archives so that you may listen again and again.  The archives are filling up with shows from the last twenty years.  You may purchase show by show or you may purchase an entire season for half-price.  We have just re-decorated and re-opened the Archive portion of the Says You! store.  To find the store online, just go the website saysyou.net and head over to shop.  Archives are listed on the drop down menu.  And, remember, we do podcast as well.  We will back to you with the episode number.
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