A Mensa-worthy Romance – Says You! Presents at Mensa Convention

Says You! drew a standing-room-only crowd at Mensa’s 2019 Annual Gathering in Phoenix on July 6th. A first for the Says You! squad. Dave Zobel and Carolyn Faye Fox presented a Mensa session specifically highlighting public radio’s Says You!

“Head writer and occasional host Dave Zobel draws aside the curtain for a backstage peek at the show’s origins, its history, and its six wisecracking, fast-thinking panelists, who spend an hour each week trying to outdo one another in punnery and cleverness … while only occasionally getting around to giving actual answers. In the words of Says You! creator and original host Richard Sher: “It’s not important to know the answer; it’s important to like the answer.”

Mensan and Says You! contributor Linda Ferrazzara wrote the story behind “How I fell in love with a radio show… and what happened when it loved me back” see featured in the Mensa Bulletin article below.

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