Make with the lost episodes

John from Cincinnati writes –

“I am moved to write this, finally, after many happy years as a listener. Allow me to begin with this sentiment: I love Richard Sher. He lives on my stereo, as I stream old episodes daily, often more than one in an evening, always including one of his. I find his voice, and those of the regulars to be a great comfort, and even a sort of anchor in the madness of modern life. Their various wits and friendly, gentle tones return me to a wholesome, academic root, bringing back familiar feelings of growing up a professor’s kid. Yeah, whatever, dreck and nostalgia yada yada yada. You love it too.
So, soak in that, and as Richard might say, “make with the lost episodes!”. There are seasons worth of material I could be lost in. There are others like me, and we would pay actual money for the archives.
Anyway, thanks for all the good times, and great radio.”

Words do evoke so much – yours managed to touch so many of us here.  The archive has been rebuilt and is about to go up and go live.  Hang in just a little longer.


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