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We received a great submission from Ed and noticed his return address, so we just had to ask: Have you lived in the Easton area long enough to know the toy store Sherwoods, which used to be downtown? That was the Sher family toy store.

The following is his response –

Hi gang!

I moved to Easton in 2004 from Cleveland, long after Sherwood’s toy store had closed. However, back in 2006, Says You! taped shows in Cleveland one weekend; my wife, son and I drove out and took my mom to the show. In the course of the show, it came up that Richard was from Easton; shortly after, a crew member handed Richard a note. “We have people who drove here from Easton for the show?” he asked. We acknowledged we did. “Stick around after the show; we’ll have to do something for that.” After the show, he very cordially invited us to join the gang for lunch at Pier W, and I spent the afternoon seated between Richard and Tony Kahn. A NPR geek’s dream!

Richard shared stories about growing up in Easton, and when he found out where we live he recalled making a delivery there for (with?) his dad. It was an absolutely delightful afternoon.

I still love the show and listen to the podcast weekly. I appreciate the Spotlight Round that gives us a chance to hear Richard again; the warmth and humor he had in person comes through on every episode. Keep up the good work!



We managed to find more of this moment – never released to air, but worth a listen here…

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