A New Episode from Boston!

Celebrate a legacy of human rights and a new year with Says You! at the Walnut Hill School for the Arts. Listen this week on your local station!


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  1. Aaron
    Aaron says:

    I listened to this weekend’s show and really enjoyed it! I wanted to make a small correction though: in the round where the participants had to guess the origin and meaning of various dog-breed names, you said that the “hound” is named for its habit of “hounding” its quarry. This is backwards though: the verb “to hound” comes from the behavior of the breed. In actuality, the word “hound” is simply the ancient and original English word for “dog”, as can be seen by comparing it to the word for “dog” in the other Germanic languages, e.g. “Hund” in German, “hond” in Dutch, “hund” in Swedish, etc. The English word “hound” (originally “hund” like the German and Swedish”) simply narrowed its meaning over the centuries from any dog breed, to the hunting breeds we call “hounds” today. Hope you’ll accept this correction, and I look forward to hearing next week’s episode!


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