Spotlight Round: “Golden-Tongued Devils”

Celebrate a new season with a spotlight round of “Golden-Tongued Devils”

Some of the great catchphrases of our past come from Madison Avenue bon mots and malapropisms.
See if you can discern from the following clues which popular phrase might be recalled by the following paraphrasing: An example – “Bovine triangulation” might recall “Where’s the beef.”
An exterminator’s redundancy
An endorsement for uxorial continuity
A plea for matriarchal laissez-faire
Urge feline encapsulation
An extension of interpersonal tactility
Over-indulgence and skepticism
Figure it out yet?

Raid – “Kills Bugs Dead”

2. Geritol – “My wife, I think I’ll keep her”

3. Anacin – “Mother please – I’d rather do it myself!”

4. Exxon – “Put a tiger in your tank”

5. AT&T – “Reach out and touch someone”

6. Alka Seltzer – “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing”

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