Sundays are for Says You!

Podcast listener and Mountain View, California resident Pat shares her first time listening to Says You!

Several years ago, I was hauling stuff to the recycling center, when the KQED program I was listening to went off, and Says You! came on. Since I was driving I wasn’t going to fiddle around with the radio, so I kept the show on as background noise… until your first bluffing word, which had been contributed by Lis Riba. Since I have met Ms. Riba (who is as cool and interesting as the words she submits would suggest), I listened to and laughed through the round, and then the rest of the game. The next week, I tuned in again. Within a month I was organizing my Sunday afternoons around your show. Within six I had downloaded the mobile app so I wouldn’t miss any episodes.
You bring light and humor into my life, which in these times I greatly appreciate.


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