Q&A with one of our listeners

Zeke from Gorham, ME, has been diving deep into Says You! but is coming to the end of his binge.

I listen to your show every day, and I love it! I am nearly done with all of the episodes on the podcasts, and I am ready for more.

More are coming! Keep an eye on the horizon for the new Says You! archives. Zeke is one of our younger listeners and writes to Says You! often with bluffing words and suggestions, so we thought we’d ask him a few questions.

SY!: Hey Zeke, what grade are you going into?

Z: Grade 7.

SY!: Can you share a word you learned on Says You!?

Z: I learned “fice:” which is a small mongrel dog.

SY!: What’s your favorite round?

Z: I would say Dictitious.

Sy!: Alright, last question. Which panelist makes you laugh the most?

Z: I would say either Carolyn Faye Fox or Barry Nolan.

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