A round I’d love to hear again!

Sarah from Shirley, MA, listens to our show on WGBH and writes with a request:

I know you sometimes take requests for games people would like to hear rebroadcast from older shows. The first time I ever hear Says You! there was a game all about the jargon associated with traffic engineering. The term I remember (and use) was “weaving section,” the part of the highway where an on-ramp lane turns into an off-ramp lane – very common in Massachusetts! I believe the show aired in 2003 or 2004, although I don’t know if that was an original broadcast or a repeat. I would love to hear that one again. Thank you for your time and attention!

We did some digging and the round you inquired about was called “Traffic Questions” from SY-603. We’ll see if we can sneak it into an upcoming show. We’re in the midst of updating our archive, but when it’s finished check for more of your favorite episodes!

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