Driveway Déjà Vu

Nolan from Hayward, CA heard a round that sounded all too familiar…

I tuned into the KQED broadcast (out of San Francisco) on 4/14/18 of a show that was recorded in Monterey Bay, California. My husband and I had just returned home from wine tasting in the Livermore Valley when — to my surprise — you introduced a series of questions submitted by me some time ago. We had our own driveway moment, as I refused to let my husband turn off the key.

We love to hear driveway moments. Share yours in the comments!

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  1. Linda Ferrazzara
    Linda Ferrazzara says:

    Too funny! Isn’t it a great feeling to hear your submissions on the air? The panelists’ responses and the audience’s reactions are always so much fun – what a nice surprise!


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