Rules To Live By – Or Not

Krish, a KQED listener from San Francisco, wrote to us about one of his favorite rounds:

One of my favorite segments on the program included opposite aphorisms like “the pen is mightier than the sword” and “actions speak louder than words” among others.

Would you know how I could find this show segment? I’d love to hear it on the radio or the podcast in the near future!

This particular pair of opposing aphorisms was used in a round we called “Mixed Messages” of SY-1004. In this week’s episode of Says You! you can hear a new round of contradictory proverbs in a round we call “Pro-verbs and Anti-verbs.”

If you missed us on the radio subscribe to the Says You! podcast on iTunes, Google Music, or Spotify. This week’s episode will be delivered Friday afternoon!


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