2017-2018 Season Debut

Our 2017-2018 Season begins this week from The Tilden Arts Center in West Barnstable, Massachusetts. Our host Gregg Porter leads stereo left vs stereo right in five rounds of wit and wordplay. We’re joined by Callie Crossley, commentator and host of WGBH’s Under The Radar with Callie Crossley, as we begin another year on public radio.

This marks the 21st time we’ve ushered in new episodes of Says You!. So, if we do the math — that’s over 2500 rounds including 1000 unique bluffing words. Our panelists have been playing with us from the very beginning, and so have our dedicated listeners. Thank you for making Says You! possible — by coming to our shows, sending us your questions, and inviting us into your homes each week. We’re at our best when you show up, and we’ve never been better.

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