Putting our Best Foot Forward

Steve, a KAZU listener from the Monterey/Pacific Grove area, reminded us that the Says You! gang has never been known for our athleticism:

This Saturday’s show had a question about the meaning of “goofy footed”. The contestant was correct that the term is related to footedness, but (if I heard correctly) was wrong about which foot is forward. Goofy footers surf, skateboard, snowboard, etc. with their RIGHT foot forward. Perhaps ironically, most goofy footers are left handed.

Love the show.

As Steve points out, to stand with your RIGHT foot toward the nose of a surfboard is ‘goofy,’ standing with your left foot forward is ‘regular.’ Our Says You! crack research team attempted to confirm these findings for ourselves. It ended with our noses on the ground and our feet in the air – we’ll call that goofy for sure.

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