Great Scot!

Lori, a listener on WGBH in Boston, did a little Googling of ‘tartle,’ a bluffing word from a recent episode from Port Townsend, WA (SY-2125).

TARTLE according to this Scottish term means ‘the act of hesitating while introducing someone because you’ve forgotten their name’ Specific, not an example of hesitating as described!

Lori, we love that you took the time to research ‘tartle.’ Listener support and contributions are vital to this show. Here’s why we stand with our definition of ‘tartle:’

From our source checking, the definition you supplied is not actually from the Collins Dictionary’s definition. Rather, it comes from the “new word suggestion” section of the Collins Dictionary’s website, in which anyone can send in a proposed word and definition. See:
This particular hyper-definition (in which “because you’ve forgotten their name” is a part of the definition, rather than just an example) can be found all over the Internet, but never in an authoritative source. Here at Says You! one of our many sources (and the one ‘tartle’ is found in) is the Dictionary of the Scots Language, a source we consider authoritative: uk/entry/snd/tartle_v1_n1

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