Ron, from the Greater Boston area sent us a note about a Classic Says You! show, originally performed and recorded in Woodstock, Vermont (SY-802 R1). Richard concocted a round titled, “Forms of Fall.”  And Ron writes:

I love it when there’s a word in the “definitions and derivations” round, which feeds into one of my niche knowledge areas. One such, a while back, was “prunt”.

This weekend’s word was “fallaway”. I wish I’d been at the taping to demonstrate! The definition you gave, however, fell short in one critical aspect. Fallaway position in ballroom is distinguished from Promenade position in that, in Fallaway, the couples are moving backwards. Both Fallaway and Promenade have both members of the couple facing the same way (in the body), though the lady’s head may or may not be facing the same as the man’s.

Probably more than you wanted to know 😉

Keep up the good work, and I look forward to attending another taping in the Boston area when you’re “home for the holidays”!

– Ron

If you’d like to hear what Ron is talking about, and explore other new and classic Says You! shows, check out the Says You! Podcast on iTunes and wherever else Podcasts are found!

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