New Lad at the Lectern

This week we honor the mighty pen, the gentle wit and giant heart of our writer Dave Zobel.  Listen in as he steps up to the lectern to host the show in Indiana.  Dave is a self-styled “science humorist” — his latest book The Science of TV’s The Big Bang Theory uses sitcom dialogue as a transparent excuse to get all giddy and frothy-at-the-mouth about science. He joined Says You! after a seven year stint as a writer for public radio’s The Loh Down on Science. Dave has been far more than a writer for Says You! over the past year – a man of immense and invaluable talents – associate producer, editor, stage manager, archivist, now guest host, and always an immense joy for all of us to be with on every “Says You! outward bound.”


Learn more about Dave Zobel at


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