Thank you to listener T.O. for tickling our fancies with these grammatical A&Q’s:

In my opinion, all six of the song lyrics quoted in “Grammar Goes to the Grammies” are perfectly grammatical. You just have to realize that the singer is responding to a question we never hear. (Picture a man in a turban, holding an envelope to his forehead):

ANSWER: “I must be sure from the very start that you would love me more than her.”
QUESTION: “I suppose I could love you almost as much as I love my mother, but — hey, why are you pouting?”

ANSWER: “Is it me?”
QUESTION: “I’m stuck on 6 Across: ‘Two-letter word meaning “myself.”‘ Any ideas?”

ANSWER: “I can’t get no satisfaction.”
QUESTION: “Sometimes, if I try, I find that I’m able to get no satisfaction whatsoever out of life. How about you?”

ANSWER: “You know she’s uncommonly rare, very unique.”
QUESTION: “I forget: in the collected writings of Mgogg the Caveman, is the word ‘she’ considered unique, while ‘very’ is only uncommonly rare, or is it the other way around?”

ANSWER: “No more lonely nights.”
QUESTION: “Whatever happened to that loser husband of yours — the one we all called ‘Mr. Lonely Nights’?”

ANSWER: “Lay, lady, lay.”
PRECEDING: “Jerry Lewis, what does a hen do to make more hens?”

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