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Dwight & Nicole in Stowe, VT

Dwight & Nicole will be joining us for our Alternative Energy show in Stowe, VT on April 22nd.  Dwight & Nicole are a soul duo who have shared the stage with powerhouses like Mavis Staples, Etta James, and B.B. King. They put out indie-soul music that is as honest as it is groovy, and rocks even […]

We’re RUSH’N to War Paint

Arnie is “RUSH’N” to get ready for the Broadway opening of War Paint, based on the play The Powder & the Glory by Arnie Reisman and Ann Carol Grossman. The show premiers April 11th, but is already selling Rush Tickets to a full house, and THE NEW YORK TIMES is humming along! Read the NYT […]


Listener JP White of Pembroke, MA writes: Hadn’t listened in a while … today’s (3/5) host (David Zobel) was excellent. Glad Barry is back as a panelist where his intelligence & humor really shines. Will be tuning in every weekend again! More can be found on Dave Zobel on our website under Who’s Who – the […]


Listener Margaret Magnee from San Francisco, CA writes: In today’s show you misidentified the pintail duck as a Smee. It’s actually spelled Smew. Love your show. You say Smew and we say Smee! We are all correct.  There are two names for the pintail — both Smee and Smew.  This came from a round of […]

New Lad at the Lectern

This week we honor the mighty pen, the gentle wit and giant heart of our writer Dave Zobel.  Listen in as he steps up to the lectern to host the show in Indiana.  Dave is a self-styled “science humorist” — his latest book The Science of TV’s The Big Bang Theory uses sitcom dialogue as […]

Crossed Words

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the New York Times crossword puzzle.  Here at Says You! we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to highlight this milestone, especially as we took to the road for a visit to Indiana University. Will Shortz, crossed words with his academic colleagues and instituted his own novel major at […]

Playing the Ponies

We are off to the races with Dr. Stuart Mushlin, Jeopardy Champion and guest panelist on Says You! from time to time over the years – and did we mention Stuart is Francine Achbar’s husband? Dr. Mushlin knows his stuff – long time Medical Director at Boston’s Brigham and Women and educator at Harvard. Recently […]


Listener Uri Geva writes: Recently the program presented a single-word oxymoron. The participants could not come up with any more single-word oxymorons. I think the two meaning of “Swear” (1) take an oath and (2) curse are contradictory. Keep up the good work!


Long time fan and listener Stéphane Braün of Nashville, TN writes: In this week’s quiz (a “previously enjoyed” episode, I believe), panelists were asked to name a city whose name could be broken up into three English words, without rearranging the letters.  “A major Asian city” was also offered as a hint.  The given answer […]

Says You! Goes Back to School

Listener Eric Jackson from Boston, MA writes: There was a question asked about state universities that don’t use the state’s name in their title. I believe the question suggested there is only one such university. I immediately thought of Ball State in Indiana. Some others came to mind – two such are infamous, Kent State […]