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Arnie Reisman and Nat Segaloff’s “The Waldford Conference,” this weekend on L.A. Theater Works

This weekend L.A. Theater Works continues California Month with a dark chapter in Hollywood history. On November 24, 1947, the most powerful men in American film met in New York’s plush Waldorf-Astoria Hotel to decide how to address the Communist witch hunt being carried out by the House Un-American Activities Committee. Twenty-four hours later they emerged […]

The Shurley Method?!

KUAR listener Travis from Little Rock writes in with questions and comments. Hi! I’m writing in response to a recent “Says You!” episode: Original Syntax. I listen to “Says You!” every Saturday, and have been an ardent fan from the age of 15 (now 29, for what it’s worth). This is my first time writing […]

Buffaloed in Bozeman SOLD OUT!

Says You! Live in Bozeman – Buffaloed in Bozeman – is sold out! Thanks to everyone who is clearly VERY EXCITED to see us in just a few weeks. Tickets are still available for our second Montana show at MSU Billings on November 10. Don’t miss your chance to see Says You! LIVE during our […]

Listen This Week For Our 22nd Season Premiere!

Says You! kicks off its 22nd Season this week! One of the longest-running game shows in American history, Says You! takes pride in being as ‘fresh’ as ever. This season promises to excite with featured guests from last season, including Lexicographer Erin McKean, Filmmaker Alex Horwitz, Playwright Deb Hiett, and world class music from groups […]

Spotlight Round: “Golden-Tongued Devils”

Celebrate a new season with a spotlight round of “Golden-Tongued Devils” Some of the great catchphrases of our past come from Madison Avenue bon mots and malapropisms. See if you can discern from the following clues which popular phrase might be recalled by the following paraphrasing: An example – “Bovine triangulation” might recall “Where’s the […]

A Paper Route Discovery

Karen from Highland, WI, sent us a message we had to share: My husband and I were delivering newspapers (Shopper Stoppers to be exact) on a Sunday morning. We were listening to our local PBS station, WWHI from Highland, WI. And what comes on but Says You! We were hooked. This program got us through delivering […]

You’re Saying It Wrong!

Says You! host and KUOW Seattle weekend announcer Gregg Porter joined Kathryn Petras, co-author of the book “That Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means,” in a conversation with Bill Radke on KUOW’s The Record all about misused words. Take a listen below! Kathryn Petras and her brother Ross have written many books on word usage, including […]

A Says You! Spotlight Round: Mnemonic Memory

This round of Mnemonic Memory originally appeared in episode Eighteen of Season One. See if you can remember and define the following mnemonic devices: 1. Every good boy deserves fudge 2. Roy G. Biv 3. My very excellent mother just served us nine pizzas 4. Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived 5. King Philip came over from Germany […]

Picking a Puppy is Heart and Science – Arnie Reisman

It’s been more than five years since our yellow lab Floyd padded off to the Rainbow Bridge. Okay, that’s as sappy as I want to get. But the point is my wife and I still miss him and we’re still in debate about getting another dog. The debate is not between, but within us. We’ve […]