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This Week on Says You!

On the podcast this week, Says You! returns to Asheville with our friends from Blue Ridge Public Radio! A new episode of the Back Nine premieres this weekend, with a BIG bonus – a seventh inning stretch.  We promise you’ll like what you hear! Our store now offers a companion to the Back Nine series; […]

Something Bubbly?

John, who hears us from KQED, writes… “Thank you for reconfiguring archival shows for rebroadcasting at a time when you cannot schedule new live shows. My wife and I celebrate weekly by listening while drinking a nice bottle of champagne–perfect, synchronous timing. That’s real champagne, not some ‘sparkling imitation.’

Verse Comes Two-Verse

Jordan, who listens on KUHF, writes… “I listened to the repeat that was released this morning and it just occurred to me – were the songs featured in Round Five of SY-2207 all first performed by one artist and made more famous by other artists? E.g. “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” was first performed […]

Funny Bones!

Ron, a NEPR listener, writes… On one of the recent composite shows, a round was introduced as having been submitted by Larry Blamire. By any chance was this the same Larry Blamire who wrote, directed, and starred in the hilarious sci-fi spoof “The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra”? Says You! attracts all kinds of listeners – […]

Says You! Ticket Update!

The SEATTLE shows scheduled to take place on Friday, April 5, and Saturday, April 6, in Town Hall Seattle have moved to a new theater. Town Hall Seattle (on 8thand Seneca) is undergoing extensive rehabilitation and renovation that we are sad to say will not be completed in time to host Says You! With the […]

A New Show This Week!

Join us for another new show.  Before the snow mounts and melts away again, we continue to make merry.  Alisa Amador provides the rhythm to our brand of rhyme. And, we’ll be disappointed if we don’t hear from all you lyric buffs on Round 5.    #walnuthill125

Introducing Alisa Amador

Once a student of Laura Sher’s, now a self-possessed young lady and mellifluent musician – Says You! is pleased to introduce our listeners to Alisa Amador. If you loved her performance on our shows, listen to all of Alisa’s music on Spotify, Facebook, and Bandcamp!