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The Chicken’s Bumblefoot

David, a listener from KQED, writes…   “Last Sunday (3/21) my wife and I were doing minor surgery on one of our chickens to treat what our internet research had determined was “bumblefoot”, which is a localized deep tissue infection on a chicken’s foot due to a retained foreign body, dirt impaction, etc. We had […]

Coming to America(n Airwaves)

Anne, who hears us on KUOW, writes… “I want you to know that your programme not only gives me hope but reassures me that moving to the US was still a good idea! I love the wit of the contestants and look forward to this – oh so brief – half hour of delight and […]

The Pandemic Elixir!

Jane and Frank, loyal podcast listeners, write to us… “We’ve attended 2 of your live performances here in Port Townsend. Now we listen to your podcasts nearly every evening while preparing dinner, carefully parceling them out so we don’t run out of shows. Our biggest challenge is to make sure the sip of wine is […]

Picking Up the Pen & Paper!

Ariel, a listener on KUHF, writes…   “I’ve been listening on my radio station and, more recently, on the podcast player of my choice for quite some time and I cannot stress how much this show has helped me in my solving of crosswords and starting to create them, especially when I need clues. I […]

Hello Huntsville – Do you remember Harry?

Dale, who hears us from WLRH , writes…. “I love your show.  I listened on WPLN for several years, until WLRH began carrying you.  I have some puzzle suggestions for you.  The attached file is a scan of a book that is famous at WLRH.  Beginning in 1987, Judy and Harry Watters began THE Saturday […]

Of the Little Rock Lovelesses

Mark, who hears us on KUAR, writes…   “I love the nine-rounders – thank you so much. I was really struggling the first half hour (I did get both bluffs – I know how Richard’s mind works), but then we hit the ‘identify the photographs’ round Ms. Laura submitted – I knocked them all out […]

Don’t Ask him for Directions!

Bryan, a who hears us on KALW, writes,   “Please clear up something that has long since puzzled me. Richard Sher used to introduce the teams as ‘the first of which sits stereo left’ followed by ‘to my right,’ which would place him facing away from the stereo listener. (At some point, perhaps with later […]