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Ty Lenol and Mo Trin, meet Ann Acin!

Lesley, who hears us on KUOW, writes…   “The repackaged archival episode broadcast [the Back 9 #10] included a segment about classic TV commercials. ‘Mother, I’d rather do it myself!’ was misidentified as an Excedrin ad. BUT, in the 1960’s, I was such an independent child, and I was given the nickname ‘Anacin Kid’ – […]


Says You! is still waiting to get back on the road. ‘Till then, we’re gonna Zoom from room to room! Join us this weekend ON THE RADIO! For more, click the link: https://conta.cc/33odhZM

Something Bubbly?

John, who hears us from KQED, writes… “Thank you for reconfiguring archival shows for rebroadcasting at a time when you cannot schedule new live shows. My wife and I celebrate weekly by listening while drinking a nice bottle of champagne–perfect, synchronous timing. That’s real champagne, not some ‘sparkling imitation.’

Verse Comes Two-Verse

Jordan, who listens on KUHF, writes… “I listened to the repeat that was released this morning and it just occurred to me – were the songs featured in Round Five of SY-2207 all first performed by one artist and made more famous by other artists? E.g. “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” was first performed […]