Entries by Ryan Pagella


Lauren, who listens in on WGBH in Rhode Island, writes: I just wanted to thank you all so much! I am listening to new and old shows when the virus news just becomes too stressful. You make me laugh, and I always learn something useful. I hope you are all healthy and safe!

Putting the Alto in Palo Alto

Susanne, who listens in on KLDN in Texas, writes: On Says You! 4/18/20 and 4/25/20, at 0900 music was played while contestants figured out definitions, which included covers of songs like “Moon River” and “Annie’s Song” in a voice that sounded like an opera singer. I would like SO much to know how to obtain […]

Wordplay While You Work

Tim, who listens in on VPR in Northfield, VT, writes in: “Hi! Listening to podcasts is getting me through the quarantine isolation — Actually podcasts are my favorite distraction while doing other things, from exercise to raking the lawn to cooking and dish-washing. “99% Invisible” is one of my favorites; you may well know it.”


Cricket, who listens on KTOO Radio in Juneau, Alaska, writes: I am sitting here listening to Says You! on my computer, on KTOO radio, wishing that you could prevail upon the people at WAMU radio to ditch Here and Now or As It Happens (two shows with way-too-nosy-and-intrusive questioners) or Ask Me Another (LAME) and put on Says You! in this time […]

Putting the F-Troop in Frontier

Tony Lima, who listens in from Silicon Valley, writes: Last night my wife Norma and I watched “A Serious Man.”  The ancient TV series “F-Troop” plays a key part.  Later I was listening to my “Says You!” archive.  Episode 1304 featured a series of questions about the Old West.  One of the questions was the […]

Words are a Life Saver!

Kudos to Melanie, who listens on KUOW in Seattle, she writes: Hello! I’ve been collecting words for the bluffing round as I’ve come upon them for most of the past year – but was too busy to send them in.. until recently, when I find myself with quite a bit of extra time. I hope […]

Shelter in Poetry

Craving an escape from politics and pandemics? Try a panacea of poetry!  Arnie Reisman’s new anthology is packed with immunity-boosting insight.  Explore new territory (Arnie’s mind) without the downside of air travel. Arnie Reisman shares his thoughts in poetic form. It’s April -America’s national poetry month – and this April is a perfect time to read, write, […]

String Theory

Evelyn from Middleboro, Massachusetts writes: “Must admit this last week’s science questions had me flummoxed…string theory??? Black holes? Certainly didn’t study those in science many years back. I have a general knowledge of what they are, and was good to be challenged with something new.” Thank you, Evelyn! If you’d like to be RE-strung, find […]