Listen This Week For Our 22nd Season Premiere!

Says You! kicks off its 22nd Season this week! One of the longest-running game shows in American history, Says You! takes pride in being as ‘fresh’ as ever. This season promises to excite with featured guests from last season, including Lexicographer Erin McKean, Filmmaker Alex Horwitz, Playwright Deb Hiett, and world class music from groups around the country, including Juice of Boston, Lydia Luce of Nashville, and Free Planet Radio of Asheville.

Our season begins with episodes from the island of Martha’s Vineyard, starring our original cast – Playwright Arnie Reisman, Award-Winning Broadcaster Paula Lyons, Culture Critic Carolyn Faye Fox, Playwright and Broadcaster Tony Kahn, Producer Francine Achbar, and Veteran TV Journalist Barry Nolan. This makes the first time our debut panel has played together in more than four years. To begin our season, Says You! Head Writer Dave Zobel steps up to the lectern. Serving up everything you’ve come to expect from Says You!: brainy, challenging, hilarious, and erudite fun.

Season Twenty Two of Says You! airs on Public Radio stations across the country beginning this Friday, September 28th. To listen on your public radio station, visit our Find A Station page here:

Thanks for listening and as always – we’re at our best when we get your questions, when we get your comments, and most of all, when you show up!

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