The Boys Are Back (with the Says You! Podcast)

Did you know that all of the episodes from this season of Says You! are available on our website to stream or to download as a podcast? Richard from Santa Fe found out and we’re so glad he’s listening again!

Just wanted to let ya’ll know that I’m so glad to be ‘back in the fold.’ I used to listen to Says You! when I lived in Vermont (I believe I ended up listening to North Country Public Radio in upstate NY). But since I retired in 2015 and moved to NM, it seems there are no local/regional broadcasts.

In previous years, as I recall, your archives were available only for a fee. Imagine my delight — a month ago — to check your website again and to find free podcast segments. Hallelujah!

My heart still aches about Richard Sher’s death, of course, but I’m glad you found a new host (from my old stompin’ grounds of Seattle), and that all my fave panelists are still joking, sparring, and bluffing.

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