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A Billion Here…A Billion There…

From Travis Listing of Iron River, WI. I just heard your round of Comic Nonsense, and you made a mistake, or rather Ben did (But I don’t want to blame a kid, so I’ll blame you). When going over how much Scrooge McDuck was worth, you put him at 28.8 billion dollars, but you failed […]

‘1’ is the Loneliest Number

This week, we suggested a list of prime numbers- included was the number ‘1.’ In quick order there followed: From Joe Prochaska of Nashville, TN: One is not a prime number! But please, mention this only softly on the air, as this is one of my favorite bar bets. From Peter Sirokman of Waltham, MA […]

Nuts to you…

From Odile, from Arlington, MA: The bluffing round just included an incorrect “correct” definition—the card defined “midden” as “a pile of nuts collected by a squirrel.” A midden is indeed a pile of nut-related material that a squirrel is responsible for accumulating, but it is neither collected by the squirrel nor, if the squirrel knows […]