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A Can of Gean

Asher from Jupiter, FL writes –   “I am a 13-year-old listener that has been wanting to provide some words for consideration for a while now–I just now have had time to! These are all words I have collected over the past few years, and my sharing is spurred by my mother accidentally saying “a […]

Reserved Seating NOW Available for San Bernardino The Witcom

RESERVED TICKET: $45.00 for reserved seating now open for purchase. In collaboration with ASIE, Says You! will be donating your ticket sales for select seats at The Witcom in San Bernardino to Autism Society Inland Empire to support their effort to offer services and programs to improve the quality of life of people with developmental […]

San Bernardino – The Witcom

East coast regulars including culture-critic Carolyn Faye Fox and veteran TV host Barry Nolan, are joined by returning west coast champions. Deb Hiett, Doug Palau, Nat Segaloff, Sabrina Wind. Saturday, January 25 radio will meet television in one unique performance titled The Wit-com. Why? Because most of the Says You! cast launched their careers in […]


Thanks to you and our friends at 51 Walden Concord is officially sold out. Check out their website for any live upcoming events. http://www.51walden.org/events/ and check in at https://www.saysyou.net/get-tickets/ for info to see what shows are still available. Get your tickets before it’s too late.


We are so thankful to our friends in Palo Alto, the show is sold out. Tickets for San Francisco, CA and Concord, MA are selling briskly. Perhaps Santa is buying them in bulk, because the seats are disappearing quickly. His sleigh must be stuffed. Check in at https://www.saysyou.net/get-tickets/ for info to see what shows are still […]


Katrina & Kaz Ladopoulos from Middleton, WI write –   “We thought the word “piolet” could be good for the bluffing round pi· o· let | \ ¦pēə¦lā\ plural -s Definition: a two-headed ice ax used in mountaineering (as in Switzerland) We’ve been listening to Says you for over 15 years. My son started at […]

Does This Add Up?

Trevan writes – “The Brits have retreated from referring to one million million as a billion and have converted to a thousand million as being a billion.” In SY-2401 R3 Q5 we said that what the British call “a billion” is what Americans call “a trillion.” While this may have been true in the UK […]

Who’s Who

Donna from Birmingham, AL writes – “The musical interlude tonight while we pondered the meaning and derivation of the mystery word was exquisite! I couldn’t hear what the tune was or who was playing it. Could you hip me to this? Thanks!” Head on over to our website! All of our guests get featured on […]

Bilimbing from Bali

Rucina from Bali, Indonesia writes – “I was listening to your recent show and got excited as i know what a bilimbing is (spelled with that extra “i”, sometimes with an “e”) but none of your definitions was for the Indonesian fruit, bilimbing. Rucina had the honor of guiding President Obama and his family in […]

Whale of a Tale

Bob from Menifee, CA writes – “I love the show, I’ve been listening to it since Moby Dick was a minnow. The new hosts top rate, the panelists superb, especially Paula Poundstone, Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me I referenced a different show. Okay, I know what you’re thinking, I should keep my day job. Luckily, […]