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Katrina & Kaz Ladopoulos from Middleton, WI write –   “We thought the word “piolet” could be good for the bluffing round pi· o· let | \ ¦pēə¦lā\ plural -s Definition: a two-headed ice ax used in mountaineering (as in Switzerland) We’ve been listening to Says you for over 15 years. My son started at […]

Does This Add Up?

Trevan writes – “The Brits have retreated from referring to one million million as a billion and have converted to a thousand million as being a billion.” In SY-2401 R3 Q5 we said that what the British call “a billion” is what Americans call “a trillion.” While this may have been true in the UK […]

Who’s Who

Donna from Birmingham, AL writes – “The musical interlude tonight while we pondered the meaning and derivation of the mystery word was exquisite! I couldn’t hear what the tune was or who was playing it. Could you hip me to this? Thanks!” Head on over to our website! All of our guests get featured on […]

Bilimbing from Bali

Rucina from Bali, Indonesia writes – “I was listening to your recent show and got excited as i know what a bilimbing is (spelled with that extra “i”, sometimes with an “e”) but none of your definitions was for the Indonesian fruit, bilimbing. Rucina had the honor of guiding President Obama and his family in […]

Whale of a Tale

Bob from Menifee, CA writes – “I love the show, I’ve been listening to it since Moby Dick was a minnow. The new hosts top rate, the panelists superb, especially Paula Poundstone, Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me I referenced a different show. Okay, I know what you’re thinking, I should keep my day job. Luckily, […]

What’s a “Frisket”?

Tristan from London writes – “Firstly, let me thank you all for a wonderful show. I came across it a few months ago as a podcast although I’m quite sure I listened to it when I lived in the US some years ago. I always get a good laugh and at the moment my life […]

Paul Magid – Guest Alum to star in Miramax Production

Paul Magid – Says You! guest alum is currently working on a Miramax production with co-star Isabella Rossellini. The film is called Silent Retreat and is about two couples’ misadventures at a rustic/glamorous country retreat. Paul is Rod, the Groundskeeper. Read more Here Our cast and panelists are always up to something! Keep up on Facebook […]

Same Mame, different Name

Alan from Miami, FL writes – “Okay, first of all I love your show, but I have to get this out before my head explodes. Its Saturday night and I am listening to your show in Miami, and I am screaming at my radio in my car in the most loving and respectful way I […]

Says You! Stars Win Grand Prize for Screenplay

Martha’s Vineyard resident Arnie Reisman’s screenplay, Rembrandt Has Left the Building, co-written with Nat Segaloff, has won the grand prize at the Electric City screenplay competition hosted by Film Schenectady. The screenplay, based on the still unsolved 1990 art heist at Boston’s Isabella Stuart Gardner museum, was chosen winner in the feature division from among […]

Quechee Lakes

Explore bucolic Quechee, Vermont! Stay with Quechee Lakes Rentals for a scenic getaway. (pictured above, Quechee Gorge) “Vermont’s finest four season resort community welcomes you to explore our rentals for your Vermont vacation. Whether for a short term vacation or an extended stay, we have a wide variety of single family homes and town-homes. Our […]