A Paper Route Discovery

Karen from Highland, WI, sent us a message we had to share:

My husband and I were delivering newspapers (Shopper Stoppers to be exact) on a Sunday morning. We were listening to our local PBS station, WWHI from Highland, WI. And what comes on but Says You! We were hooked. This program got us through delivering papers in the rural countryside around the Baraboo hills, in all kinds of weather. It made our Sunday morning bearable. We gave up that paper route years ago. Now it’s Sunday morning in the parlor, our coffee, my knitting (and the hubby’s Sunday paper), what else – Says You! on the radio. No one bothers me on Sunday morning until Says You! is over. Still listening and loving it after all these years.

Do you remember the first time you heard Says You!? Let us know!

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  1. Linda Ferrazzara
    Linda Ferrazzara says:

    I don’t remember what prompted me to start listening to Says You! so many, many years ago, but I DO know that I was hooked from Day One. Our Saturday nights are like your Sunday mornings, Karen – my husband and I are incommunicado for an hour, until 9 PM. The radio is already set to our PBS station here in Boston, and we turn it on at 8:00 PM on the dot! It’s nice to have the podcasts available in case of the extremely rare situation when we may have missed a weekly broadcast, but we’d still rather stick to the routine: park ourselves on the couch, put up our feet, mute the TV, and listen to Says You!

  2. Dan Holman
    Dan Holman says:

    I don’t remember which year it was, about 2006, driving through Syracuse, NY on the Thruway.
    Took me about 3 years before I got the name right and started to listen on the internet.
    I’ve been hooked ever since.


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